Service Charges

  • All bill amounts / charges will be based on the annual Cost to the Company (CTC) of the selected candidates.

Cadre Service Charges


Below Executive Level



General Managers & Above

Head Hunting


8.33 % of annual CTC

10 % of annual CTC

12 % of annual CTC

20 % of annual CTC

20 % of annual CTC

  • Total Cost to the Company (CTC) will comprise of the Monthly pay + the Annual perks + the Retiral Benefits

Payment of Service Charges

  • Payment of Service Charges should be made by Cheque within 07 days from the date on which candidate joins the Company.

  • All payments are to be made within seven days from the date of billing in favor of “Right Search Consultants”

  • Service Tax on the bill amount will be applicable as per the Government rules as on the billing date.

Other Terms & Conditions

  • If the appointed candidate for some reason leaves the organization within two months from the date of joining, it will be our endeavor to provide you with a free replacement from the next suitable person originally short-listed.

  • The Company is expected to provide feedback within 2 working days, regarding the resumes submitted to Company in response to their manpower requirements.

  • If Company posses resumes of candidates that are same as those submitted by Right Search Consultants, such a claim should be made on the same day when such resume(s) re submitted to Company, without which, the candidate appointed will be regarded as placed by Right Search Consultants and Service Charges will be applicable.

  • Right Search Consultants will be holding the short-listed candidate for the Company upto a maximum period of 7 days after submitting resume to Company and/or Personal Interview. If no decision is communicated to Right Search Consultants on acceptance/rejection of the candidate, the same resume could be referred to another client.

  • The Company must inform Right Search Consultants immediately on selection of any candidate.

  • All resumes will be valid for upto 1 Year after Right Search Consultants submits them to the Company. If the Company uses such resumes and appoints the candidate at anytime during this period, the candidate shall be considered as 'placed by Right Search Consultants' and Service Charges are applicable.

  • Any travel, lodging & boarding, communications expenses, stay incurred in relation to the hiring process would be borne by the client.

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